Atlanta is built on so much history that any mention of the city would be empty without a nod at the impressive rises that the city has had over the years.From the Creek and Cherokee Indians to modern-day Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city has undergone transformation.

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Today, Atlanta is a center for higher education and bustles with activity.

Southern hospitality fills every nook and cranny, and everyone who lives there is proud to call the city home.

The area is certainly beautiful, with wide, green, rolling Smoky Mountains to the northwest and breathtaking views around nearly every corner.

It’d be hard to not appreciate all this beautiful terrain–it’s like all the best parts of the South have congregated in the area around Atlanta.

Amazing diversity is the name of the game where it comes to downtown Atlanta, which is an exciting urban center of activity.

You’ve probably already found a vibrant city life teeming with a wealth of interesting people and activities.

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