Pelabuhan Bintuni hanya memiliki satu pelabuhan saja, dengan panjang dermaga eksisting 70 meter .

Dengan letak yang cukup strategis tersebut kota Bintuni mempunyai kedudukan dan peran yang sangat potensial untuk menjadi titik bangkitan pengembangan dan simpul transportasi barang dan penumpang regional provinsi, disamping itu Bintuni adalah daerah pusat pertumbuhan di Kabupaten Teluk Bintuni.

In the Kebar Valley, about 100 kilometers west of Manokwari city, Bintuni Agro Prima Perkasa was granted a permit for 19,369 hectares in September 2014 after it was bought out in July of that year by PT Cahaya Agro Pratama, which also has a significant stake in Rimbun Sawit Papua, while several of its directors have links to other Salim Group enterprises.

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“Companies that violate the policies of their customers risk losing their customers.

EIA urges progressive palm oil buyers to send a clear message to palm oil barons that they will no longer tolerate mass deforestation and land grabbing where such practices undermine their own corporate reputations and customer base,” he said.

A Salim Group-linked company holds almost all of the shares, the remainder being owned by its director, Rapman Hutabarat, who is also on the board of Rimbun Sawit Papua.

Several other directors and commissioners hold positions at other Salim Group-linked firms.

In most, if not all existing palm oil plantations, local indigenous communities living nearby have complained that the plantations have brought them no benefit,” he said, “and instead they have lost the forest they depended on for their subsistence — the sago palms which are their staple food, the animals they hunt, and other forest products which they sell.” Despite being less exposed to international supply chains than its competitors, Indo Agri has attempted to placate critics of its practices by joining the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and publishing regular sustainability reports, which awas MIFEE said was evidence of “ But the evidence suggests the conglomerate continues to invest in plantations in the Papua region, Moran said.

Satellite images taken in February of the Rimbun Sawit Papua concession in Fakfak district show roads have been constructed in much of the southwest of the plot, while a recruitment firm has been hired to source some 1,200 migrant workers from Java.

The LNG plant has two operational trains of 3.8 mmtpa and can house up to a total of eight trains.

Teething problems encountered during the LNG plant commissioning resulted in ...

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