To learn more, visit community studies Fern Chertok, Annette Koren, Rachel Bernstein, Tobin Belzer September 2017 Boston is home to the largest concentration of 18 to 37-year-olds in the United States.

Employing two sources of information—a reanalysis of the Boston 2015 Jewish Community Study and new interviews with 50 young adults and key informants--the report creates a portrait of Jewish young adults living in Cambridge, Somerville, and Jamaica Plain and, in particular, those who are marginally or not at all involved in Jewish life.

EC Cambridge School is very nice with graduate personnel, lovely teachers, kind employees and best management of every thing.

There is something about finding the joy in absolutely nothing. A special thank you to all our participants for making this so easy for me. Knowing how important it is to gain local experience, I started looking for volunteer opportunities.

I wish everyone was able to experience this kind of joy. This led me to my contact with Community Placement Centre who helped me through the volunteer process.

“Those poor people” are some of my very best friends and teach me to appreciate the small things in life every single day. I am so lucky to have friends who do not judge other people, who are so strong, despite the challenges they face, who show so much love to others, and who make my heart feel more full then I ever thought possible.

One of my favourite artists, Foy Vance, wrote a song called “Joy of Nothing”. Kitchener) “I came to Canada, as an immigrant from Gambia West Africa.

AIM has locations in Kitchener, Halton and now Cambridge where a safe & supportive environment is provided.

Participants engage in meaningful activities that promote personal growth and community inclusion.

AIM provides opportunities for participants to develop confidence, build life skills and increase independence.

AIM programming assists participants to develop work skills and engage in purposeful community involvement through volunteerism.

I am looking forward to sharing this experience someday with authorities of my country and even contributing to working on such projects later in the future in my community back home.