I comfortably managed to feed all 28 of us lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Watching the sun come up with my 5 year old son, just the two of us huddled round the campfire with some bacon sizzling away was a truely magical moment." "We had a brilliantly successful fire pit BBQ on Saturday evening - it began in the pouring rain, continued through sunshine and a double rainbow, and ended under a moonlit sky - fabulous!

We would recommend it to anyone who believes that you don't have to sacrifice the quality of you cooking just because you are outdoors." "The grill is very well made and not 'tinny' like so much modern barbecue kit, plus it flat packs brilliantly.

The surface area of the Pioneer was big enough for the four of us and also easily took the weight of our camping pots and pans as well.

It didn't require much trial and error to judge how high or low food had to be but the turning handling does heat up so the free glove was a bonus to have.

I’ve been camping in earnest with my family for the past twelve years, almost entirely in the UK, yet this was to be our first camp at a Camping and Caravanning Club site. Places where we can set a campfire or pitch in the heart of the…

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giving us two cooking appliances that we can carry with minimal effort.

It is a real pleasure to find something in this modern age where quality hasn't been compromised.

Even the kids were able to place and turn the food on the grill by using the 360 degree rotation and cleaning it was easy.

We wire brushed it over the heat and let the excess burn away.

The only thing we placed on foil was some fish as it was a fillet and required less direct heat to cook and you can do this by ensuring one area of the grill is not directly above the flame. We really liked it - it was so easy to use and perfect for our campfire.