Continue Reading → 2018 is becoming the year of taking down You Tube stars as another vlogger has come under fire.

After an old interview Shane Dawson did was discovered, fans flocked to Twitter calling Shane a pedophile because of a joke he made about child porn.

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The makeup mogul has yet to even publicly confirm that she’s pregnant while father-to-be Travis Scott is playing coy, as well.

But after Kylie’s absence from a Kim Kardashian West Christmas photo was a scandal, an anonymous source is finally laying out how Kylie decided to hide.

However, I am very thankful that the main characters dress pretty normal and don't have unrealistic apparel.

If anything, Best Friends Whenever would be more appealing to kids in elementary school.

On Wednesday, she attended the funeral for 21-year-old Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne.

In traditional Caribbean fashion, Rihanna wore white for the sombre occasion.

I thought of giving this show a try, but I couldn't even get halfway through the first episode. I find nothing funny about this show, and I am not that impressed with the overdone, forced acting.

The concept is not something kids could necessarily relate to.

The singer made a television debut for a new song on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday, and now she has a feature story in The New York Times.

In the lengthy piece, Camila spills her guts about the split with Fifth Harmony and just how petty she thought the group got.

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