Though they are generally called incestuous relations, the biblical list does not necessarily correspond to those prohibited under state laws.The prohibited relations are: In addition to the relationships biblically prohibited to Jews, rabbis have gone further to prohibit certain additional relationships with various blood relatives and in-laws.These are called "Shni'ot" (secondary prohibitions). Some of these are: The Bible excludes certain categories of people from taking part in the qahal (assembly) of Hashem.

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In 2004, the Society for Humanistic Judaism issued a resolution supporting "the legal recognition of marriage and divorce between adults of the same sex", and affirming "the value of marriage between any two committed adults with the sense of obligations, responsibilities, and consequences thereof".

Reform Judaism interprets Leviticus as forbidding men from using sex as a form of ownership over men.

If a person who is engaged in sexual intercourse with his wife discovers that her period has begun, then he should immediately withdraw from her.

It is clear from the verse mentioned above (“ which say that it is better to have sexual intercourse at these times: 1.

There is dispute, even in traditional Judaism, about whether this prohibited group of men should include those who have become, at some point since their birth, emasculated as the result of a disease. However, if he was married to a woman otherwise permitted to a kohen, and was then elevated to the high priesthood, he may remain married to her.

Some of these prohibitions are biblical, and some are rabbinical. Orthodox Judaism interprets (Leviticus ) as forbidding men from lying with other men in the manner in which they would with a woman, and calls it an abomination.

In this unique work, Joane Nagel demonstrates how ethnicity and sexuality join hands to fashion new, hybrid identities, communities, and cultures; how the volatile mixture of race and sex can spark ethnic violence; and how ethnosexual encounters can simultaneously resist and reinforce racial, ethnic, and national boundaries.

She skillfully blends styles of inquiry and interpretation from the social sciences and the humanities to craft a convincing and illuminating account using images, poetry, fieldwork, Internet postings, interviews, literature, ethnographies, historical texts, archival documents, biographies, census data, journals, and personal accounts.

It is forbidden for a man to have sexual relations with a married woman not his wife.