Before the night was over, the party became one to remember and when Lydia departed, she looked years younger.Unfortunately, most of the other guests did not feel the same way.

He didn’t expect her to be controlled into becoming a cuckquean, and to start finding sexual partners for him.

Amanda Van Clythe is rich, privileged, snooty, and a real bitch.

Because, sometimes, death is the only option that makes sense.

Domina is an artificial intelligence with the power to steal any mind.

Shelley likes to be in charge, to know what’s going on in her life and in her household.

Even after she was freed from her Masters, Deborah has been hiding in plain sight in a world of predatory mind controllers.But things don’t work out quite the way the young hypnotist intended....Synopsis: The slightly demented yet legendary EMC author Lupa Proseda is preparing some early chapters of her diaries for publication.Our hero speaks to people, controlling them instantly with the sound of his voice. When the professor makes her a very arousing offer, she is forced to choose between the right thing to do and the unthinkable.The beautiful Michelle and Anges fall under his sway and he has a few good days calling a tune for them to dance to. Her decision either way will change her life dramatically.Siobhan has a desperate plan, for which she needs a captured ‘bot.