The Ori community would like to get this category in as a 2-way or 4-way race.My run of Duke 3D at AGDQ 2015 wasn't as good as I hoped, so I think it'd be fun to try to run it again but with a different category this time.The worlds and bosses are based on classic games and it's an impressive run to watch due to the difficulty.

German sexy chat games-60

Bullets has been driving his time closer and closer to the WR, and is now less than 3 seconds away.

I am submitting this to be his opponent if this is taken as a race.

The warpless category, which I'd prefer to run, does not make use of deathwarps.

This run features intricate screenwrapping, an iceless Kraid fight, limited item collection, and of course - Mother Brain.

Duke Nukem 3D would be a great game to run at AGDQ because this game utilizes the Build engine and the Build engine is known for being very broken in terms of being able to perform clips and glitches.

I feel like everyone would enjoy the run of the game because of the interesting glitches the game provides.

Lovely Planet is a delightful FPS consisting of 100 short (mostly 5-15s) levels.

The any% run only requires that we finish a certain amount of levels from each world to unlock the end, completing 56 total.

Originally on the PS2, but running on the HD remake for PS3 as it is faster.