Popular comedian Jung Hyung Don will be taking a break from broadcast activities because of his severe anxiety disorder.

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HOWEVER, after episode 49, I really started to like the couple! I haven’t seen episode 51 yet…but omg, it looks hilarious!

action=view¤t=20090407143501161f3_145212_0.jpg"][img] now confirmed that Jung Hyungdon is dating a writer, who works at a broadcasting company.

I realized Jessica talks on the phone a lot or texts when she's overseas. - Yuri needed a minute to mentally prepare, trying to psych herself up. - HD was fearing for his life the entire time.- Jessica was in the episode but must have waited at the bottom when they jumped. This means that he's going to break up with SNSD's Taeyeon.

*remembers the fancam at sherton hotel after HBEpisode 50 Raw090329 Taeyeon & Hyungdon cut - 1/2090329 Taeyeon & Hyungdon cut - 2/2Episode 51 Preview. ^ Hyungdon is in all the headlines because he has a real life girlfriend that works at one of his shows or something. After Jung Hyungdon disclosed that he's dating a writer, he's now planning to drop out from ' We Got Married', which is part of MBC ' Sunday Sunday Night' program.

It's a fake relationship, but you're not allowed to have a real one on the side. seeing her reminds me of my gf, cause they're like physically identical(and maybe a little personality wise), but Tae might actually be a bit bigger! It's kinda sad if her and the girls leave the show though.

The producer added, "The Jung Hyungdon-Taeyeon couple will drop out not because Jung Hyungdon is in a relationship.

It will also reveal the secret behind the process of making the work of the musicians and their struggle to become a top musicians.

There's some unfortunate and shocking news to report, something you might even initially have trouble believing.

showtopic=16154"][email protected]/forums[/url] [font="Tahoma"][color="#ff5165"]HYUNGDON HAS A GIRLFRIEND! He has a girlfriend and he's still pretending to be married to taeyeon T_TGahh, i will miss puddingjelly D: And who else are they planning to drop D:[/color][/font] eeeks aready..?