In the meantime Lavalife gives you a good range of free communication options, including Lavalife “Smiles” with short messages attached.It’s also free to to email or instant messages – something few dating sites offer.For instance, if you’re only interested in dating, you’re not going to be approached by people looking for “serious relationships” or “intimate encounters”.

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What this means is that it’s no surprise that Lavalife is as popular as it is – it’s been perfecting it’s act for a long time.

The end result is a dating site that strikes you right away as refreshingly different.

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The advantage of the separate communities concept is that your matches in each one are kept separate too, so it’s easy to keep track of who’s a match for what. Not only are the different types of relationship divided into separate communities, you can actually be a “different person” in each one.

For instance, you can be “Goody Two-Shoes” in Dating and “Hot-Lips Helen” in Intimate Encounters, if you like.Looking beyond this – we test run sites to write our reviews – Lavalife really different, following its own lead lots of ways that add up to a clever, original and stylish dating site.As I mentioned above, Lavalife lets members meet for different types of relationships, like many dating sites.Each profile has a “backstage” – a page where you can post up additional photos, video clips and so on.No one can view these pages unless you issue them a “backstage pass,” so you’re free to post more or less whatever you like here. For basic searches, you’ll find convenient one-click search options (for instance, “local, within 5 years of my age”).You can name and save these searches to run another time.