LOUISVILLE JOURNAL pnrsi TID ARD PUBLISHED BT n ENTICE, HENDERSON, & OSBOBNE, JOBBKAL OFFICE BUILDING, c Greea atr cot, hetvntn Third an d Fonrth. ee ii now suppiiod by railroad, the necessity for the Camp Nehoa establishment no longer exists. It was in the suc- cessive numbers of a local periodical, formed ou the model of the Spectator, that the pecu- liar humor and finished style of our pioneer author found original scope. Tho grcnter ptrt of their troops in the field go out of the *ci vice in May. We have suggested these considerations in the hope of preventing our friends from being over-sanguine. SCHHOEDEE & SON, DEAL tlt S IN FORKIGN AND DOMESTIC WINES, Lf QUORS, AND CIGARS MANl TACTCa EBS OP "SCSEOEPER'S STOTOACK AND COCKTAIL BITTERS." For sale by the barrel, box, bottle, or gallon. 79 Fourtli street i3stw*U'U Main tail Marbat, TEl Odlmis LOUIf Vlbli B. A OONSTANT SOFFfci' OF Pure Catawba Brandy Is kept by RAIMOXO & CO., i2fteo.1Aweo T73m 174 Fonrth at., near Main. That several millions worth of property should bs wantonly destroyed It cannot believe, al- though it can readily understand why, since our army in Bast Tennes? The attention of medical men, both in Eng- land aid France, bos of late beon drawn to the ill effects rctultiog from the habit of read- ing while travelling by rail. Legrand de Sanlle remarks that reading thus is ex- tremely fatiguing to the eyes, and that this faiigue induces headache, and often pains round the eyes, with a slight congestion of the retina, which, when the habit has bacome inveterate and the subject advanced in age, msy in the end determine a real congestion of the brain. Rollins writes from Washington to his friends in Missouri to cultivate plenty of tobacco thin year, fur it U likely to par belter thati any olhor crop. — One of the most ingenious and frracefnl memorials which will adorn the Fair is the octagonal summer-house, dedicated to the memory of Irving, and associated with his earliest literary success. The United Sta csaio now in the same condition they were th n. If there were a good deal more, we should liko the indication. Ruling, A'D DEALERS IM California JT*ine§ 9 OLD BLUE HOUSE, ISTo.

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Indeed, they jaei at all our ships, and express the hope that, as we have been so mad as to build useless ships, we will now be wise enough to lead the way in the abandonment of iron-clads altogether. 'All that a man hath will be give for his life,' aad though all have contributed of their substance, yet the soldier peril3 and often yields up his life for h's country's cause. A Monstrosity —e\ man residing in the neighborhood ot Oravois mines brought to St. A man was arrested on the Acderson hav- ing in his possession a freshly taken scalp of a white man supposed to havo belonged to one of our soldiers. About 10,000 effective troops hav3 gone Son'h from this district. Steele, now moving South, is from 30,000 to 35,000, and is sefheient to overpower any rebel force oppos- ei to them. Gauo bus seven or eight thousand Texans at Tannersport. The rebels are well supplied with clothiag and importation of shoes from Eaghud,4aid to have just reached them. Sherman, Granger, Mc Pherjon, Sheri- dan, and Barry arrived at -Chattanooga on the 23th. In 18G0, the number of cattle returned for taxation in the entire State was 1,021,132, or ninety seven for every one hundred while She is as much interested is we are in preserving the republic, and should do as much t* rnor- ship of Mr. Pas Senl To conclude with AN HOUB AT SEVILLE, In wbleh Uliss Helen Western will sustain eight dif- ferent characters.

Notwithstanding the alleged superiority of the Solferiuo and Magenta to all other iron- clads at the present time afloat or building, the French officers conceive that ships with- out armor that would steam two knots or so more an hour, and carry a week's more coal, would be still more effective and better worth having. Louis the skin of a calf, seven days old, hav- ing two head:-, tbur eyes, three ears, and four legs. Several persons were ar- ltsttd as s;des,6ino Eg them were two women. A scout from Price's array reports Cabell's command, consisting of seven or eight regi- ments, fifteen miles this side of Washington. A In vi number of negroes have been coscsntrated at Cam- den and Washington. Gover- nor Edwards, ot the Chcci'iw Nation, issued a proclamation urging the Indian* cf that tribe to rotnrn to the ir allegiance to tbe Gov- ernment, and to repossess themselves of what they have lo&t in the past three yesri by asso- ciating with the moat accursed foes that ever polluted their country. In 1863, the number of cattle within tie territory, fiee from tho occupation and of the public enemy, was 507, 132, to which add 8 per cent., the usual diff rence between the actual and taxable numbers, and we have 547,724 catt'c within our control in ihe lest mentioned year, which is one hundred and five h~ad of cattle to every one hundred w Hti inhabitants. Tha Richmond Whig, of March 18, sjvs: The rolling stock from the Mississippi and Alabama Road is being transferred to the Mo- bile and Ohio, to operate the upper end ot that road until it is completed through agiin, which it will be in less than thirty days. Bramlette, nor continue to be rep- resented by such men as now pretend to soeak for ber in Congress. Wood Benuoc , Is TKMI Of Admission— Private Boies W; Dre*t Circle and Parquett* 75 cts : Second Tier 15 ct».

An axe factory In Massachusetts uses twelve hundred tons of iron a year, about one-half of which is imported, and two hun- dred and fifty tons of cast Btecl, much of which is procured from the works at Pitehburg. The French officers, however, affect a great con- tempt for their rivals, and what is very re- markable is the circumstance that they are opposed to the use of this kind of vessels. '1 think they are angels carrying lan- terns,' quickly responded little Charles. Mc Chorg were also taken and sent to tbe front between two tires aid kept there an tour. While tbe rebel flag of truce was moving forward they disposed their forces for action. Tbe reeels a:o reported as having with- liravn a porliou of their forces btsforu Jack- sonville. Rtver 10 feet G inclcs by the p er mark aad rising. Shall we be destitute ofcv.n th : s sort of wisdom, which may inspire and direct the weakest un- derstanding ? A comparison of the census of 18G0 and 18G3 shews that cf the number of slaves in the entire State in 1SC0, only 3, H03 have boon lest since then, above natural piopagation and clher ca^es. She ha* driven them out, and furnished no inconsiderable number of recruits for the Union army.

IU forges consume eighteen huudred tons of coal a year. The writer says: The French officers are of opinion, that, however unpalatable it may be, both to the French and British governments, the time must come when they wiil have to give to engines and coal the weight now appro- priated to armor-plates, and in the interests of policy and humanity allow the shot and shell that may strike a ship's side to pass through and through- wilh no difficulty and few splinters. The President spoke at the Sanitary Fair in Washington a few nights ago, and amo Dg other things uttered tbe following: "This war fal's heavily upon all classes of the people, bnt the most so upoathe soldiers. Our men bad cetscd firing for fear of the women being killed. Of hoist s, in that pcrtioi of the State under our control, wc have lost 25,201. But if the law of right and duty in this national emergency is applied, she has not done allsh S should have done.

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But then Samir grabbed her hips and sharply planted almost the entire length of his unit.

— - ^ Dally, three months - j jjj iluily, per mont J.^.. They are large full-growth babies, exhibiting a he Ulhy formation, and will no doubt attract the attention of the fac- ally, as well as the public at large. It ifl vain to struggle against change and confusion. This intelligence comei m apparrcntly re- lii ble shape, aiid tbe authori ses, forwarned, v ill doubtless be prepared to give them a snit- a 1 Ic reception. will try to rof air tho disnstrous fidliuc of Kilpat- lick's expedition; but there is no reason why bis should uct end in the satno manner. It s»ys: "Our previous advance into Pennsylvania wastheic-Y thing tho Lincoli Gwrim -at wa Lted. It seems hardly possible, that, even with our immense resources, we can famish two armies, each able of itself to cope suc- cessfully with the vast army that Gen. rn, and »7 21 «;.7 25 foi ; cntnmnn lo food rtlootni bi finds round hoop Ohio, closing htt-j-yf 000 ,, " I "" U?

It seems that the mother died iu giving birth to them, and they died very soon after, tho BOW crea- ture being without tho attentions of a physi- cian during labor. We don't see how ho could; streams are not stationery. Uuablo to break through tbe living wall of brave men ou the lmc of ihe Rapid Ann, the Regency at Wa Bh- ing:oii ere cndc:-.vcrirg to undermine it by ttarvation. Tl.c Charles on Mcre iny nrguc.i against an attempt, which it thinks w ill soon be repeated, to invade Pennsylvania. It is true that a Federal ar- my might be sent in the rear of Richmond to cut off rebel supplies from that city, but the James river would still be open nearly or quite to its mou.b, and, unless the flanking army should be tremendous in numberj, more tremendous, in fact, than we could well render it, Lee, with his whole force, could, perhaps, make a sudden and overwhelming dash upon it, for ili • two Federal armies, the one in front of Richmond and the other in the rear, wonld be too widely apart to co-operate with each other or even to know each other's perils and needs. Barley dull, a r, and declined to tl 10 lor yellow.

There vf%6 rumors in Lexington on Tuesday that many if not all the buildings thero had been or Were abont being destroyed by fire, but our contempora- ry attaches little importance to them. If a person buys two apples and eats both, how many will jet remain? Never give a boy a shilling to hold yonr shadow whilst you climb a tree to look into the middle of next week ; it is money thrown away. Our i'.vaiion of Pcnnsylvan'a rekindled the war spirit, and enabled Lircoln to ra'so the trcops he wanted. There does not seem at present much if any alarm at the rebel capital. POUTERS OF TUE CELEBRATED VERZENAY CHAMPAGNE, From Del Leck & De Berghu's.