The members of some churches were predominantly of one nationality or ethnic group.Each church has its own policies in record keeping.Refer to the following inventory to learn more about the available records: Richardson, Antona Hawkins, ed. Availability of these records may differ with each repository. These volumes contain the film numbers for many (but not all) membership and temple record films.

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If a church is still active, the regional archive can help locate their records.

The records of Minnesota churches that have been disbanded are at this archive.

For a partial list of Lutheran church records, see: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)8765 West Higgins Road Chicago, IL 60631-4198Phone: (773) 380-2818Fax: (773) 380-2977 This archive has microfilm copies of part of the records at the Region 3 facility in St. They can help locate records of a congregation if you know the name of the congregation.

United Methodist Annual Conference122 West Franklin Avenue, Room 400Minneapolis, MN 55404Phone: (612) 870-0058, ext.

These are sometimes referred to as sacramental records. Paul, MN 55102Phone: (651) 291-4400Fax: (651) 290-1629 The Archdiocese of St.

Some of these records may remain in the local churches while others have been moved to the diocesan offices and archives. Paul has records dating back 150 years that include early sacramental records and correspondence between church and government.Presbyterian Historical Society and Department of History United Presbyterian Church USA425 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147-1516Phone: (215) 627-1852Fax: (215) 627-0509 The Presbyterian congregations own their records.The Presbyterian Historical Society and Department of History have a card file catalog that lists the congregations by the local town name only and this does not include the state. They can help you find records if you give them the name of the town.If you know where your ancestor lived, check with the congregations still in existence in that area.Information about Presbyterian churches before 1907 is found in: The records most useful to family history researchers are the records of baptism, marriage, burial, and confirmation made by parish priest in the local churches.Church records are important for family research because civil authorities in Minnesota did not begin registering births and deaths on a county level until 1870 and even later on a state level.