It is a relatively new procedure, mainly preformed at tattoo and piercing shops with not many statistics to back it up yet.Tammi Bergman, NP, of ERiver Neurology, who specializes in headache relief, says that she always encourages her patients to try things like this as alternative relief measures to medication.

In short, acupuncture itself is a scientifically questionable therapy even when administered by protocol; daith piercings as an acupuncture proxy goes several steps further into the territory of shaky folk medicine.

Like acupuncture, daith piercings are unlikely to hurt or harm most patients.

I recommend getting it done on the ear that corresponds with the side of your head where most of your migraines hit.” In the long run it’s a toss up, it may not cure your headaches but you will be left with an ear piercing. At this juncture, it’s worth noting a specific aspect of the daith piercing claim.

While body modification may be inexpensive (compared to other alternative health options), it involves an aesthetic commitment that might not appeal to sufferers.

Even if daith piercings were deemed a sufficient analogue to acupuncture treatment (for which we could find no evidence), acupuncture itself is controversial at best and of exceptionally limited benefit (often a “last ditch” option among patients for whom all other treatments have failed).

Accepted medical science generally holds it poses little risk, but clinical proof of its benefits remains elusive despite extensive research.

Perhaps owing to the hit-and-miss nature of migraine treatment, anecdotal claims about preventing, alleviating, or even stopping migraines altogether abound online.

In mid-2015, sufferers began spreading an article that maintained a specific kind of ear piercing (known as a “daith piercing”) could alleviate migraines.

Although the data indicate that acupuncture is more than a placebo, the differences between true and sham acupuncture are relatively modest, suggesting that factors in addition to the specific effects of needling are important contributors to therapeutic effects.