You’re not the only thing she’s looking at in your dating photos.Chances are she’ll keep a sharp eye on your surroundings as well – and you want the scenery to make a good impression as well.The researchers theorized that facial hair signifies maturity and masculinity, with a side helping of dominance and aggression. A scruffy look ala David Beckham beat out clean shaven by a whopping 20%.

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So if you’re looking to snap some new pictures for your profile, warm up with a friendly chat first.

And if you’re looking to hire someone to do it for you, consider selecting a female photographer.

And if you’re thinking about including one in your online dating photo lineup, think twice.

Zoosk discovered that selfies decrease the number of messages you receive by 8%.

Unless you’re lucky enough to get mistaken for Brad Pitt’s stunt double, chances are your profile picture could use some 1 attraction points. These profile photo “hacks” are based on science and really work!

Want to choose your best profile picture for Facebook, attract more women on Tinder, or make sure your Whats App profile pic is the very best it can be?If you’re like most guys who don’t actually have access to a high-end, luxurious car or apartment, do the next best thing and get a strong outdoor photo that looks natural.According to dating site Zoosk, your average outdoor photo gets you 19% more online dating messages from women than your average indoor photo.Keep reading for 9 science-backed ways to look better and make women more attracted to you…Women are naturally more attracted to men who display bravery, courage and a willingness to take risks. A photo of you doing an activity like rock climbing, surfing, or sailing could work extremely well, as long as it shows a clear, flattering view of your face.But when it comes to risk-taking pics, there is one caveat: They need to be perceived as risks, as opposed to stupid or pointless ones.Hunter/gatherer type risks increase her attraction because you’re cast in an alpha male light.