, AM – PM – WILDLIFE SPOTLIGHT: UP CLOSE WITH NATURE – Get ready to see the world up close!Join us for a nature walk and microscope tutorial as we take a look at natural materials and organisms through a magnified lens.

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The scrub habitat that they call home is unique to our state but is also quickly dwindling.

Come learn about these charismatic birds, the threats they face, and what we as a community can do to help their populations thrive.

AMBASSADOGS ORIENTATION – Do you enjoy walking your dog in our parks and preserves? Join us for an educational presentation on the importance of responsible dog-walking in our parks and preserves and learn how to become a volunteer with the Ambassadogs program.

– RYE PRESERVERS VOLUNTEER WORKDAY– At Rye Preserve, we are all about plants!

Birder Lucette will lead participants on a tour through Emerson Point’s coastal hammock and mangrove habitats.

Check out the “locals” as well as the migratory birds that are wintering here.– YOUTH ARCHERY – Set your sights on the exciting outdoor activity of archery!All equipment will be provided for use – LIBRARY LEARNING: GOPHER TORTOISES – Grab your young learners and join us for a creature feature on one of Florida’s shyest but most important residents: Gopher Tortoises!Listen to a scaly story and learn even more about these fascinating creatures through interactive games and activities.– MANATEE AUDUBON SOCIETY BIRDING TOUR – Search the skies for Florida’s fabulous fliers!Some of them can live in extreme conditions like inside volcanos or at the deepest depths of the ocean.