Several others are underway in other major cities including New York and Bogota.Founded in 2012 by Laith Sayigh, DFA is a firm committed to delivering exceptional design that is every bit aligned with contemporary lifestyles and culture as it is budget, schedule and environmentally conscious.

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Athletes, actors, artists and other talent with a natural aptitude or skill have agents, managers and publicists representing them for diverse business purposes.

Founded in 2012, ABOVE THE FOLD is at the forefront of providing these comprehensive services to architects, designers and other AEC industry professionals, with the mission to advance constructed environments across disciplines.

EC3's growing body of work includes a 5,500 square foot residence integrated into the Hollywood hills on Mulholland Drive for a French art collector and his family, a progressive live/work community in Detroit, set design for a new theater production of the classic tale Frankenstein, reinterpreted for the 21st century, and a new 22-story mixed-use building in Bogota, Colombia.

Based in New York City, MKCA is dedicated to data-driven, crafted and innovative design, in thinking about the future and creatively developing contemporary solutions with historic contexts.

MKCA is most famous for its micro apartments and housing developments spanning from new construction to gut renovations.

Since 1989, Preston Scott Cohen has been distinguished for both his architectural projects and his leadership at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The Tel Aviv and Basel-based studio has since won numerous prestigious projects, and searches for new interfaces between program, context and architectural ideas.

TAKTL, both a company and a product, is bringing Pittsburgh’s legacy of material innovation into the 21st century.

His built works include Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Datong Central Library, Goodman House, Goldman Sachs Arcade Canopy in New York, and Keystone School Performing Arts Center in Beijing.

Trained as both an architect and a photographer, Rafael Gamo’s images capture the essence of a place and the experience of a building.

Working with some of the world’s leading architects and clients, the company has manufactured Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) products for a variety of projects including the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, DC, among many others.