Potential winner(s) will be selected and notified of their prize in the manner announced by the Station.

If the Promotion is terminated before the original end date, the Station reserves the right, in its sole discretion to, to modify the procedure for selecting winner(s), unless the nature of the event giving rise to such termination renders it impossible to select winner(s).

The Station reserves the right to make changes to the rules of the Promotion, including, without limitation, the substitution of a prize(s) of equivalent value, which will become effective upon announcement.

WKQX-FM/101WKQX has announced most of its lineup for its annual summer concert, PIQNIQ.

This is the fifth year in a row for the PIQNIQ live music event.

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When the station moved to the stronger frequency of 101.1 FM at the start of 2014, the name of the concert was not changed.

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Ticket costs are a little bit different from last year, with prices ranging from just for lawn seating ( more than 2016) to only for pavilion ( less than 2016).