Closer to the present, historically speaking, you can visit the restored houses of Muharraq which depict Bahraini style of homes as they were during the last century.

Or you can learn about the history of pearl diving at the pearl museum.

Nature lovers may visit the Al Areen wildlife sanctuary where they will see flamingos, ostriches, camels and the renowned Oryx; or take a trip to the centre of the Island and gaze in wonder at the Tree of Life which has survived for hundreds of years in the middle of the desert.

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Al-Fatih Mosque (also known as Al-Fatih Islamic Centre/Grand Mosque) is Bahrain's largest mosque.

Besides being a place of Islamic worship where people of all faiths are welcome to visit, it is one of the major tourist attractions.

Arad Fort is a 15th century fort in Arad built in a typical Arab style.

Close to the Bahrain International Airport, the fort has been extensively renovated and presents a magnificent sight when it is illuminated at night.

And whilst you’re there, why not pop across to the Bahrain International Circuit for some motor sports fun, or enjoy the nearby water sports at the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park, the largest and most advanced water park in the Middle East.

Stamps and Currency collectors will have a field day at the stamps and currency museums.More recent landmarks well worth the visit include Oil Well No.1 and the 25 km King Fahd Causeway which links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.And for those of you interested to knowing more about Islam, then head for the Al Fateh Mosque in the new Juffair area where friendly guides are ready to enlighten you. A rich collection of Bahrain's ancient archaeological artifacts is on display at the Bahrain National Museum.The museum covers 6,000 years of Bahrain's history.The Kingdom of Bahrain has many different attractions to cater to a myriad of interests.