During the 2012 presidential election, he tried to suppress black votes with blatantly race-based bans on Sunday early voting (which black congregations dominate).He also tried to kill a prescription-drug database that has decimated oxycodone abuse, while his underfunded health care agency has allowed steroid clinics — like the Biogenesis clinic at the heart of last year's Major League Baseball scandal — to proliferate. Scott Des Jarlais, Tennessee No one should be robbed of the joy of discovering an artist's early, lesser-known work.

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Upon returning to the statehouse, he was accused of groping a female staffer. Florida's governor, Rick Scott, who will be up for re-election soon, founded a health care empire that was whacked with the largest Medicare fraud fine in U. Even pol wannabe Donald Trump snuck in a side door.

So before you head out for the fireworks or swig some American brew, consider this hall of shame. Rick Scott He looks like Voldemort, speaks in the high-pitched timbre of a Wes Anderson movie villain, and wants to drug-test as many human beings as possible.

More disastrous for Florida residents, he's recklessly rejected federal stimulus packages and dismantled regulatory agencies.

He's Rick Scott, and he's America's least popular governor for damn good reason.

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How did he get around the slightly sticky wicket that a firm he owned makes millions by administering such tests? (The courts have since thrown out the drug-testing laws for violating the Fourth Amendment.) He's made other shady moves.

Scott rejected .4 billion in federal aid to build a high-speed train in Central Florida and lied about the state having to eat cost overruns for the project.

And through it all, Scott has largely flouted Florida's "Sunshine laws" by hiding his correspondence from the public and has resisted reporters' attempts to hold him accountable — all while grinning like a demented right-wing Skeletor for TV cameras at scripted events. So if you don't know the pre-2012 past of Republican Scott Des Jarlais — whom Esquire's indubitable political blogger Charles P.