The field's instructors taught thousands of pilots, navigators, radio operators and gunners from nine heavy bombardment groups and numerous smaller units.

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It was designated a permanent facility by the Army Air Force.

The base briefly trained weather reconnaissance and combat squadrons using P-61 Black Widow, P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang, and B-25 Mitchell aircraft.

On 15 July 1945, the 225th AAFBU was inactivated and Rapid City AAB was placed on standby status as the Army Air Forces began to demobilize.

Rapid City AAB was reactivated on 11 October 1945 and was assigned to Continental Air Force.

The Wing commander’s staff consists of a vice commander, an executive officer, a secretary, a director of staff, a wing inspector general, a command chief-master sergeant, a historian, information management, protocol, public affairs, legal, chapel, military equal opportunity, wing plans, treaty compliance, safety, honor guard, the 28th Comptroller Contracting Squadron and a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.

Provides combat-ready B-1 aircraft and crews to support Joint Chiefs of Staff taskings, including conventional theater operations and power projection.Ellsworth AFB was established in 1941 as Rapid City Army Air Base (AAB).It is named in honor of Brigadier General Richard E.The airfield had three concrete runways, 7050x300(N/S), 7000x300(E/W), 7872x300(NW/SE).Rapid City AAF was assigned to the 17th Bombardment Training Wing, II Bomber Command.The installation changed names a few more times during its early years.