“In contrast, it is vital to encourage programs that directly confront the demand side of sex trafficking if we are to ever achieve meaningful progress in the fight for a world free from sexploitation.”Trueman is right, and we’ve been dancing around the issue too long.It is time we stepped up and targeted the individuals who pay to use these abused women.

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A key way this can happen is reverse stings, both online and in person.

Police officers can pose as women engaged in street-level prostitution to capture buyers in the act.

You know a system is broken when the victimized women are arrested while the men buying the sex too often go free.

The only practices for combating prostitution and sex trafficking demonstrated to be effective are those that include combating demand.

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Missouri has been named the most dangerous state in America for online dating.

Authorities can also place decoy advertisements online and set up reverse stings at a hotel or apartment. My legislation opens up additional channels to these resources to fight sex trafficking demand by expanding access to Byrne Jag grants to include sex trafficking.

It’s time to empower law enforcement with the resources they are asking for to solve this problem. I am also working on a second bill to expand grant opportunities to provide housing for women who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Missourians can agree that sex trafficking is not only a horrible practice, but also that something must be done as soon as possible.

No one wants their child to be caught up in the terrible — and sadly, growing — sex trade.

While it is crucial that we address the problem, we also must be on the other side to help women who have escaped trafficking to heal, recover, and build new lives.