After a deep breath she said into the phone: “Sally Burke. Yeah, it’s wearing me out.” I liked the idea of being her exercise equipment. I grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of my flagpole, impaling her viciously as she said to my mother: “Yeah, Matt’s doing fine.She looked at me from the kitchen and I watched her intently knowing that she was talking to her sister who was also my mother. He’s here getting some exercise with me.”I drove my rod up and into Aunt Sally and she gasped loudly into the phone.

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I heard my mom’s voice asking what had happened and my Aunt explained that her exercise machine almost killed her.

Our eyes met and I smiled meanly and pounded her pussy passionately.

I woke up around elevenish and suffering from a severe case of teenage boredom, sneaked into my aunt’s bedroom.

I started rifling through her drawers (not her panties or anything like that, her jewelry drawers) and eventually hit a goldmine of information. My sister’s son, Matt, arrived today and I don’t know what to do.

I used two fingers, coated with her pussy’s juices, to pry her mouth open.

I pushed myself into her mouth and seemingly beyond, her teeth gently scraping against my skin, my balls swinging forward with that first initial thrust only to come in contact with her chin.

I helped her chuck her panties and proceeded to run my hands up her thighs.

I sucked on her left nipple and then her right and placed my right hand between her legs and petted her there.

I stepped forward and made the decision for her by taking hold of the bottom of her shirt and lifting it above her head. Her 38DD breasts, freed at last, seemed to jiggle in anticipation.

I took hold of her left breast and kneaded it with my hand. It encouraged me and told me that even though her mouth might say no at this particular moment, in a few, say after I sheathed my sword inside her, she’d be begging for it. Her eyes were moist and she removed her shirt completely and pulled her jeans down.

Another moan escaped her lips; I put both hands on her smooth shoulders and forced her out of the swivel chair and onto her knees in the middle of her husband’s office.