The discoverer, anthropologist Nicholas Conard, has said: "This [figure] is about sex, reproduction...

Additional artifacts excavated from the same cave layer included flint-knapping debris, worked bone, and carved ivory as well as remains of tarpans, reindeer, cave bears, woolly mammoths, and Alpine Ibexes.

The discovery of the Venus of Hohle Fels by the archaeological team led by Nicholas J.

In terms of figurative art only the lion-headed, zoomorphic Löwenmensch figurine is older.

During 2011, the Venus figurine was still being researched in the University of Tübingen, although there are plans to house it and other discoveries from the region in a new museum planned in Swabia.

According to Europäische Stammtafeln, he was possible ancestor of the Grafen von Wartstein[1150].

m [UODILHILT Gräfin von Wartstein, daughter of --- (-29 Mar ).

Berthold's Chronicon of Zwiefalten names (in order) "Richinza ductrix Boemiæ, Sophia ductrix Moraviæ, Salome ductrix Poloniæ" as sisters of "Heinricus comes [et] Rapot", specifying that Salome was "uxor Bolezlaus dux Boloniæ"[1152].

The Chronica principum Polonie records that the second wife of "Boleslaus" was "ex Theutunica"[1153].

The primary source which confirms her origin and marriage has not yet been identified.]iv) SALOME (before 1101-).