Faculty files dating back to 1399 still exist today and they document that it was called upon as a mediator in disputes between barber-surgeons, midwives and regional landlords.

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The faculty first gained international renown in the 18th century, when the Dutchman Gerard van Swieten was summoned to Vienna by the Habsburg ruler Maria Theresia.

He laid the foundation for the First Vienna Medical School.

With the annexation of Austria by National Socialist Germany on March 13, 1938, the darkest phase in Viennese medicine began.

More than half of the University's medical instructors, mostly those of Jewish descent, were dismissed.

All four Nobel Prizes, which were granted to (former) Viennese physicians during the next decades, were based on fundamental research from that period.

The excellent medical tradition and research extended well into the First Republic.Many renowned researchers, physicians, and students were forced to emigrate or died in concentration camps or under other tragic circumstances.The victims of National Socialism shall always be remembered, also by the Memorial on the campus of the Medical University of Vienna.Basic medical science expanded and specialisation advanced. Gabriele Possaner is the first woman to receive a doctoral degree at the University of Vienna.Furthermore, the first dermatology, eye, as well as ear, nose and throat clinics in the world were founded in Vienna! In 1900, the first women are admitted to the study of medicine.the magnificent Josephinum record this for interested members of the general public.